Executive Team

Josie is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Social Justice and a minor in Human Capital Management and Leadership.  After her experience with sexual assault last fall, she was inspired and motivated to make sure that nobody else had to navigate the road she had to without the support they deserve.


“I created SASS in order to give people a voice that I wish I had when I was assaulted. As survivors, allies, advocates, and students, we are already strong alone. With the strength of a community, we can tackle this ongoing issue together.”

Coming from Oakland, California, this sophomore is pursuing a BA in Strategic Communications and a Co-Major in Entrepreneurship.  After taking a gap year, Taylor found her passion for individual health and wellness, both mentally and physically. 

"I knew the second that Josie talked to me about her assault and her vision to help others that I had to be a part of the journey that has become SASS.  This organization truly offers the special kind of support that was necessary on the Miami campus, and I am so grateful to be a part of it."

Lauren is a junior working towards a BA in Environmental Earth Science, a Co-Major in Sustainability, a minor in Spanish, and a combined master in Environmental Science.  With her background as an acting Senator on the Miami ASG Safety Committee, experience working with the Title IX Office here at Miami, and involvement with Greek Life make her an asset to the SASS movement.     

"For me, advocating for survivors is not just about helping others, it's about increasing community accountability and preventing further violence."

Cortlin is a junior from Dallas, Texas.  Pursuing a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship, she joined SASS to be a part of an organization that creates real change. She wants to make sure that everyone who needs support gets it, and that no one is left unheard.

"I want to support people who may not otherwise have support, and to be a shoulder to lean on for everyone who needs it."

As a Junior Media and Culture and Creative Writing double major, Ashley is putting her skills to work as our Director of Diversity and Inclusion. 

"I joined SASS because I want to be a part of the change that our society needs.  I believe everyone should be able to feel safe and comfortable and not have to worry about discrimination and violence.  I also want to help create a support system for those who have been directly impacted by SIV issues."

Emma is a Junior Art/Art History and arts management co-major pursuing a minor in general business.  We are thrilled to have her on our executive team as our Social Chair.

"I wanted to be a part of the first ever sexual assault survivor support community for Miami University.  It is important to me because I want to help advocate for and support my community at Miami."